Manifest your biggest Dream with our simple & proven new method. Guided step by step.

Follow our systematical formula to fully understand the law of assumption and how to use your subconscious mind to manifest each desire you have.


Is this actually possible? I always followed these influencers and gurus of the law of attraction and tried so many techniques but never saw big results in my life…

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A 2 hours course. You join in and receive the videos with all the informations, exercises and mind-blowing concepts.


Jane V.

This course transformed my approach to manifestation. The practical guidance made the process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone ready to manifest their dreams!

February 18, 2023



In just some days, I witnessed incredible shifts in my mindset and manifestations. The step-by-step approach is both effective and empowering

February 22, 2023



I've tried various manifestation programs, but this one stands out. The blend of Neville Goddard's teachings and practical exercises is a game-changer. Manifesting has never felt this achievable

April 3, 2023



The course helped me uncover and release limiting beliefs that held me back for years.I am now on the path to realizing my dreams.

April 7, 2023


Tomas Chase

When I found this course I thought I already knew anything about the law of assumption. I bought some other programs before this one with the idea of manifesting my business to take off and making 6 figures. I tried for 2 years without results when I discovered "SIMPLY MANIFEST". I was tired of this courses and this stuff that seemed too complicated or not working and I decided to make my last attempt. I purchased this one beacuse it's the cheapest I ever found and seemed at least at the same level. Actually, this one changed everything. It's simple, just some slides, just some concepts, but the right ones. Alex it's really great at making you understand things in a practical way and not like abstractions. And they always make so sense. So I commited and followed all the theory. Then I starded to manifest with a new mindset and after 6 months, my business just exploded. I was literally making 100k at month and never stopped from there. It was mind blowing. Thank you so much Alex, thank you "SIMPLY MANIFEST"! Should costs so much more!

April 7, 2023



If you're serious about manifesting, this course is a must. The guidance is clear, the exercises are effective, and the results are real. I'm living proof!

April 12, 2023



The Simply Manifest course provided a structured approach to manifestation that I hadn't found elsewhere. The daily videos kept me engaged, and I now feel equipped to manifest anything I desire.

July 18, 2023



I was skeptical at first, but the course exceeded my expectations. The blend of mindset shifts and practical exercises is powerful. I've never felt more in control of my manifestations.

July 12, 2023



Holistic approach to manifestation. It addresses the mental, emotional, and practical aspects, making it comprehensive and impactful. Great.

July 18, 2023


Olivia K.

The course is a breath of fresh air in the manifestation world. It's not just about wishful thinking; it's about intentional, strategic action. I'm grateful for the clarity it brought to my manifesting journey.

July 18, 2023

What's inside


How is this course different from other programs?

The SIMPLY MANIFEST COURSE stands out by offering a no-nonsense, results-driven approach. Unlike other courses, we skip the filler and provide you with the simplest, most effective formula to manifest your desires and transform your life. No vague promises – just practical, actionable steps that won't break the bank. It's not only powerful; it's also affordable and designed to deliver real results.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not, but feel free to message if your situation is unique. The information inside is time tested and proven to get results. When you pay to join you get access to strategies usually taught in courses, masterminds and coaching sessions that cost right above our price. Our email it's: assumeitreal@gmail.com

How long will it take to see results?

If you're here because you think this is a magical formula that will grant your desires in two hours, you're in the wrong place. The course is certainly the path to your desires, a definite realization of them, and a clear methodology. However, time is not something predictable. Each desire has its own time. Each person holds beliefs that influence the required time. In the program, though, we'll help you in learning how to live in the feeling of the dream already fulfilled, without the impatience of wanting it at any cost. These are advanced concepts. Therefore, we don't know how long it will take, but we do know for sure that it will come. And all of this, at a special cost.

What if I've tried manifestation techniques before and didn't see results?

If you've tried other manifestation techniques without success, don't worry. The SIMPLY MANIFEST COURSE focuses on simplifying the process and providing you with a clear, actionable formula. Many of our students who have struggled with other methods have found success with the approach taught in this guide. Create the life you dream of by learning this amazing system to manifest whatever you want forever.

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Simply Manifest Course

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